The High Cost of Good Brains

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As a result of speed racing around town tore the f*k up, eager to get them socks blown, Charles Barkley‘s gonna have to spend a little quality time in the clink.

Barkley just pled guilty to 2 counts of driving under the influence and pleaded “responsible” to running a stop sign for the December 31 incident in Scottsdale. Barkley was sentenced to 10 days in jail — but will only do five if he completes an alcohol education program. Barkley was also fined $2,000.

Barkley will begin his sentence on March 21 — but it’s unclear if he will serve time in Arizona’s famed Tent City Jail, where they make the inmates wear pink. As for the gun cops say they found in Barkley’s car on the night of the arrest — no charges were ever filed.

That sounds like pure comedy. Charles Barkley’s big country ass in a super-sized pink jail get up?? Triflin.



  • leogame3


  • leogame3

    Yea thats a real pure comedy/lmao

  • Nique

    Isnt that where they have that nigga DMX locked up @??

  • Angelyc_Aries


  • JB_1030

    WIll he share a cell with DMX? The Honorable Minister DR.DMX can preach to him and then Sir Charles will see the era of his ways and come out a saved man.
    OOH am I in the top 5?

  • Nique

    Pink would be a GREAT color for Barkley-help bring out the dark ass circles around his

  • JB_1030

    Hell no. I type too slow. Damn, Damn, Damn!!!!!
    But at least it’s top 10!!!

  • Glok9n: The real glok !!!


  • DICooper

    5 days still sort of sucks when you’re used to a completely different lifestyle.

    I wonder what his wife thinks about all of this? At least she’s not all in the media making a spectacle like most women would.

  • T

    I stood next to Charles in a club drinking a beer back in the day. Sippin’ Coronas, nigga!

    He will be fine.

    I just hope his cheap ass hires a driver or takes taxis next time he wants to kick it.

  • Mandah! aka Cranberry Sauce...BOSSIP I HATE YOU!! I LUVS NO BUDDY BUT KID CUDI! SAHH!

    this dudes face, lawd.

  • Avatar

    Didn’t dude want to run for governor? Yeah… good luck with that now. SMH

  • http://none Oh Snap!

    Did you guys hear the excuse he gave when he got pulled over?
    Now, that is pure comedy.

    As he always says: terrible, terrible, knucklehead terrible. LOL

  • lucy

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    That’s a nasty bitch to be willing to put her mouth on his sagging sweaty balls. YUCK!

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