ATL Housewife Lisa Wu Sues Keith Sweat for Full Custody of Children

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Lisa Wu of the ATL Housewives and former wife of Keith Sweat, has filed suit to obtain full custody of their children:

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Lisa Wu Hartwell filed suit for primary custody of her two sons with ex-husband and R&B singer/producer Keith Sweat! According to court papers filed with the the Superior Court of Fulton County, Hartwell attorneys say “The best interest of the minor children will be served by modifying the current custody and visitation provisions to make Mother the primary physical condition of the minor children”. Hartwell, who appeared on the inaugural season of ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ made headlines last Fall when discussing a tumultuous relationship with R&B singer/producer Keith Sweat. Since the original reports, Hartwell has appeared in numerous publications including Essence where she detailed her post season struggles with ‘Housewives’ cast members and custody troubles with Sweat. Proving that she’s stable, so to speak (after a 2003 ruling that gave Sweat full custody), Hartwell’s lawyers say “Since the time of the Divorce Decree, (Wu) has remarried, owns a successful business and will provide a stable, loving, and nurturing environment in which she can raise the minor children.” If Wu-Hartwell is able to gain custody, the reality star is likely to request child support as well.

Yadda, yadda, yadda. Forget both of these selfish parents involved and lets pray for the kids who are going through hell with this bullsh*t, Baby Mama Drama.  SMH


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  • leogame3


  • leogame3

    Yea right. That’s SMH

  • http://none Oh Snap!


    Damn! I hate you again!
    You suck again! LOL

    Puttin my head down in shame! Again

  • Lady Architect

    In other words she wants to collect child support instead of giving it and use the children for publicity. Haven’t they been with KEith Sweat a while now?

  • leogame3

    @Oh Snap!
    I run this Jawn…LOL, So whats up?

  • Smitten

    She does not need custody….she’s a freakin nutcase!!!


    This divorce sounds downright nasty. Poor kids..

  • lucy

    They are so happy, and I heard that they met each other on
    _____ Millionaire Romances com____, I also met my Mr Right here. so, I feel so lucky. Good for you.

  • trying to understand why i read this sh....

    she’s a tv reality star, she lost custody for a reason.

  • getthehellouttahere

    ok yall not thinking clearly. She couldn’t have custody because she didn’t have a job to take care of them kids. If he was whippin her ass she couldn’t do much of anything so now she has that feedom to do her thang and take care of her children. You have to be crazy to think that a mother does not want her children and is more likely on some publicisty shit. She has businesses she is married to a football player or whatever and she is really the only real person on the show to me. Also I have never seen her with keith sweat I didn’t even know he had married let alone knew his punk ass was whippin up on women but we should have know with all that whinning that nigga did. His ass is gay and she needs to get her damn sons.


    Marriage is wonderful because…

  • Jermaine Harding

    Keith Sweat is not gay he dates women and women only so stop spreading rumors and plus she admitted to stealing his money and he had to grab her arm to get his money back he never hit her like that after that it was over they were married for about 10 years between 1992-2002 he was singing all those songs because of what he was going through with her and she cheated with the Ed dude before their marriage was over I know this.

  • Lady Architect

    Well the children have been with him for what 6-7yrs now? Have they been complaining to her? I’d say let the boys decide who they feel most comfortable with. They need to be with their father to me. Let them live a normal life. She would put them all over the show.

  • GGooDie

    Ummmmmm….that she was a successful business woman and she did not take any handouts…(What I picked up from the intro….)

    Niggas. So the broad did have a little lime light in here before she came on the show.

  • kahmmillion

    My question is what did she do to lose custody of the kids in the first place?

    Why all these women want to live for free? Go to school get a job and stop harrassing men for child support money.

    I make sure that I tell my nephews to make sure they don’t knock any of these thirsty ass hoes up. They will take you to the bank!!

  • Loch Ness Monster

    Whoaaaa, I had no idea she had kids with Keith Sweaty. Who knew?

  • Bobbizzie

    If she owns a successful business and will provide a stable, loving, and nurturing environment in which she can raise the minor children and she married to an ex-NFLer—-why is she requesting child support?

  • RE RE


  • This I Know

    Why all of a sudden does she want the kids back now? I hope she isn’t looking to exploit the kids on the show too.

  • bill. i. am.


  • Chelly

    This sounds like something that the cameras (ATL housewives)are sure to capture….why’d Keith get the kids in the first place I wonder?

  • AriesChick

    I don’t know I mean I have no doubt she LOVES her children but why uproot now if the kids have been in his care for so long. When the boys get a little older let them decide but she already had another kid and is working on another.

    Don’t know about their personal business but I hate she is putting Sweat on blast now when she stayed with him so long. I ALSO find it hard to believe that a woman can marry NOT 1 but TWO entertainers. To me that means THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE AFTER.

    Didn’t her and Hartwell get married after a month?


  • NB

    I guess he got with her for exotic half asian looks and look where it got him. She chases men with money and has nothing to offer and puts her kids on reality tv shows.

  • kiza m

    well, the show is coming up .. lisa, sit yo azz down, you don’t even take care of the little man you got! keith get lawyered up bro and put this chic in a mental institution STAT

  • Saffron


    My question is what did she do to lose custody of the kids in the first place?
    That’s what I’D like to know.
    This I Know

    Why all of a sudden does she want the kids back now? I hope she isn’t looking to exploit the kids on the show too.
    That’s another good question. Having the kids on season two of “RHoA” is a possible reason. I remember reading somewhere (I believe it was that Essence interview) that she wanted her two eldest to be part of the show but Keith Sweat was NOT having it. She said he wasn’t too comfy with his kids being on a reality show where anything they say or do could be spun into something totally different.

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