Coming Soon? 10 Beloved Black Movies That Deserve A Sequel

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coming-to-america-original_sabatta "The Best Man Holiday" proved to be a game-changer after making $30.6 million opening weekend and shocking critics. Whether it's a blip or new Hollywood trend, no one knows, but it sparked widespread debate over which other sequels to Black cinema classics should be made. Here are ten beloved Black movies that deserve a sequel. Take a look.
tumblr_m3tis1KNhq1qaz8d7 Coming To America A sequel focused on Prince Hakeem and Lisa's royal marriage or Semi traveling back to America (Atlanta this time? Or L.A.?) to find his bride would work. And yes, a Samuel L. Jackson cameo would be mandatory.
320 Love Jones Most folks hate the idea of a sequel to this sacred "race-themed" classic but they would still flock to see how Darius and Nina's relationship unfolds.
the-five-heartbeats-original1 The Five Heartbeats The Heartbeats reunite for a struggle-filled reunion tour to show they still got it? You'd go see this JUST for Eddie King, Jr.
boomerang-movie-poster-1992-1020470777 Boomerang Marcus & Angela unhappily married with potential side chick Jacqueline lurking in the shadows? Hmmm.
lean-on-me Lean On Me The Return of Mr. Clark?
waitingtoexhale Waiting To Exhale This would be somewhat pointless, complicated and bittersweet without Whitney but definitely has a demand.
16_midi Set It Off A thriller that starts with Lida & Keith's island romance being interrupted by the Feds seems workable.
collage Belly Three things would have to happen: 1. We all agree that "Belly 2" never happened. 2. Hype Williams agrees to direct 3. DMX quits the booger sugar and every other drug he's obviously on right now. So, it probably will never happen.
large_uFmsjzs4NOSPVpa4rNshMiD3lO0 The Wood A "Best Man Holiday"-style sequel would be perfect.
Soul-Food Soul Food A film centered around the TV series or first movie would actually work. Both had deeply-flawed yet multi-layered characters that connected with you.

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