Bird Beef: Erica “The Goat” Mena Goes HAM On K.Michelle And Threatens To Stomp Her At The LHHNYC Reunion

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Erica vs. K.Michelle round #328947235784958….

Erica Mena Threatens To Stomp Out K.Michelle

Angry bird Erica Mena recently chatted more about her attention slorin’ beef with ‘Love & Hip Hop NYC’ cast-mate K.Michelle to stay relevant again.

The two have gone at in the past but it looks like Erica has decided to add more fuel to the synthetic weave fire…

Via CoCoaFab reports:

“That’s another insecure female. It’s sad because I have never met K. Michelle. We have similar backgrounds with domestic violence and having a long hard road when it comes to establishing ourselves as artists in this industry,” she said.

“She got kicked out of Atlanta so she decided to come to New York and I think she knew instantly that I was the one who held authority on the show and she just needed some ammunition and have something going on. The first thing she decided to do was talk about me.”

Although the two have never met, K called Erica “trash” in the press.

“It kind of threw me for a loop that when she started shooting all she could talk about was me and Rich and she had some real strong opinions on us. She doesn’t think anything of me because she knows nothing about me,” she said. “Clearly I’m a threat and it is what it is.”

According to Erica, K. Michelle is too scared to shoot scenes with her and skipped the premiere party to avoid a conflict.

“She’s scared to shoot with me so I don’t really know whether issue is. I would love to ask her but she’s too scared to shoot,” she said. “Maybe at the reunion she’ll have the guts to come and show face. So far she has been too scared to even show up to the premiere party.”

If and when the two do meet, Erica is ready for a fight so it may be wise for K to stay away.

“At least she knows that in New York there’s no southern hospitality and instead of shaking tables we stomp people out, so she’s pretty smart.”



K.Michelle has already let be known that she doesn’t want to have to shake the table this season but the “goat” won’t let her live!



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