For The Stans: Beyonce Does Hungarian Cosmo

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Beyonce Hungarian Cosmo Cover

Here is Beyonce on the cover of the Hungarian version of the publication Cosmopolitan. Nothing interesting here, looks just like the cover for the American issue same eye wonk, House of Dereon dress from the inside spread and all.




  • MarieDaGuru

    “eye wonk” HILARIOUS

    I still like Bey, though

  • Keeping It Real

    You know I had to be first for my baby B…This girl is unstoppable and for all the broads out there that have something negative to say…remember what your mommy said “If you dont have anything nice to say…keep your mouth shut…LOL”

  • John

    Bey look good on the coverI like her too.

  • John

    Correction— I like her too

  • Mississippi Girl

    Its kind of strange that she looks exactly the same on both covers. The only thing thats different is her clothes and accesories. Maybe that just photoshopped the pic!! He face looks exactly the same on both covers!

  • AND...

    Okay enough of this photoshop ish. This is the same exact face pic as the cosmo with the pink dress. Note the wonky right eye. I don’t like that they are recycling pictures but I love me some BEYONCE.

  • StarBaby

    Beyonce’s dress is so cute! I want one!!!!

  • Fiddy

    O.K. i love Bey, I think she rocks just like Tina Turner!! But can we move on to the next hot artist and teach these young girls that we idol all of our black entertainers. Bey had her yrs, we are tired of her. Alicia Keys is having a great year and she is a very nice looking young lady! Enough already with Beyounce!


    Check the link. I knew this.

  • tee

    Its the same as the cosmo-US thing. The just photshop the dress and earings.

  • sexiichar

    That pic is photo shopped to death.

  • hipho

    wow!!She looks so great on that cover.have u guys seen her on a millionaire site ? I heard of this around the internet.

  • bay area blogger

    ok yeah yeah but where is the story on here sleeping with her bodyguard??????? i want the dish on that

  • Mr O Dot

    beyonce probably a freak in the sack

    “…she’s my little quarterback/ ya dig?/ cuz im all that in the sack/ ya, ya ya dig?”


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