Fashion Icon Or Swagger Jacker? 10 Styles Rihanna Was Accused Of Stealing [Photo Gallery]

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CassieRihanna Is reckless Pop starlet Rihanna a fashion icon with unique style or a sneaky swagger jacker who steals fashion concepts from lesser knowns/D-Z List celebs? You be the judge. Here's a photo gallery of styles Rihanna was accused of stealing. Take a look.
BaAfG6OCMAAfWER Doobie wrap remix Patwa's manager on Rih-Rih jacking the doobie do: "I just find it very insulting that something we brought to those people was too “ghetto”. But now Rihanna can accept awards while proudly displaying it. I am really hurt by this and wanted to scream. But I wrote to you guys. Wanted to let someone else know that she stole that look from Patwa."
Up-and-coming fashion designer/creative director Venus X (left) claims Rih-Rih stole her ghetto goth style and overall swag. rv rihannapromo Hmmm... "Ghetto Goth"
CassieRihanna "The Cassie"
rihanna-teyana Teyana Taylor's boyish-femme "style" “I do feel like I influence a lot of artists. When I came in the game, it wasn’t okay to be a girl and wear sneakers and hats and streetwear. Now the tomboy thing, it’s Hot. Rihanna and Rita Ora are fly and s[w]exy. I’m happy I was able to pave that way" -- Teyana (who was clearly gone off that Paula Patton)
aaliyahrih Aaliyah's iconic style
grey Young elderly grey hair trend Kelis on Rih-Rih stealing her quirky punk rock style: “You know what. Listen, it’d be totally ridiculous for me to not acknowledge it if someone asks. The reality is, what is she like 20? I mean, what else is she supposed to do? I mean honestly. I don’t have any animosity at all whatsoever. That’s what she’s supposed to do.”
fefe Fefe Dobson's everything Fefe on Rih-Rih biting her style: "I mean, for sure I question that, but who wouldn’t. She is supposedly a fan of mine. I try to take it as a compliment. It gets a little much when she starts getting the same tattoos as me but overall I just want people to separate the image and listen to the music."
rihanna_davidlachapelle Famed photographer David LaChapelle's visually-eclectic style ("S&M" video) *She was sued and later settled out of court.
collage2 M.I.A.'s visual concept for "Kala" album cover/"Boyz" video
seapunk The Seapunks' signature underwater-themed imagery ("SNL" performance) Topsy/Def Jam/Tumblr/Instagram

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