RiRi’s Knocked Up??

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Check out this “so-called” bombshell:

Rihanna was hiding a shocking secret when Chris Brown brutally beat her. In the March 9 issue of Star — on sale now — we exclusively report that days before the terrifying incident, Rihanna consulted an ob-gyn at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after confiding to close friends that she suspected she was pregnant with Chris’ baby.

Wearing sunglasses and dressed in all black, she appeared nervous and upset. “She was extremely fidgety. She seemed totally uncomfortable,” an eyewitness at the doctor’s office tells Star. With their relationship already on rocky ground, Rihanna feared a pregnancy could be the last straw and Chris might dump her.

“She was scared he would react badly,” says an insider. But Rihanna did not get the chance to tell her boyfriend of a year about her trip to the doctor. Before she got a chance to say anything, Chris beat her black and blue after she tried to grab his cellphone to read a text message he had just received.

Star is full-o-sh*t, so this is probably not true, but if so, we couldn’t even fathom the sh*tstorm that Breezy would face.

In other news…
Out of all the people in the world, Whitney Houston is that last person Rihanna should be taking advice from:

Whitney Houston has reportedly told Rihanna to get out of her relationship to Chris Brown while she still has the chance. Whitney – who had a violent relationship with ex-husband Bobby Brown – is believed to have spoken to the Umbrella hitmaker, telling her: “Don’t make the same mistakes I did.”

A source tells American tabloid the National Enquirer, “When Whitney heard what had happened to Rihanna, she was close to tears. Right then she knew she had to contact her and urge her to get out of the relationship while she can. She made it clear that Rihanna should dump Chris.

“Whitney told her, ‘Whenever you let your heart rule your head, you are bound to run into trouble.’ ” “Even after what Chris did to her, Rihanna is crazy about him,” the source added. “They have been talking and have agreed that once the legal problems are ironed out, they will be together. “They have vowed to meet at a secret rendezvous location outside of Los Angeles.”

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  • Carribean Queen


  • hope4more

    Hell to the nah, I don’t believe that anyway

  • cmoore

    lol…oh plz im sure she wil be willing to give her advice!!

  • Poetiqal


  • GoodKarma4Me

    Ok this is getting quite old now…I’m tired of reading and hearing about Rhianaa and Chris B incident. The media is so trying to keep the story alive they starting to make ish up. Plz!

  • Pam

    The National Enquirer and Star magazine? its really sad when you use those mags as references…please stop posting about the rihanna and chris situation until some FACTS come in..now yall making up shit just to keep the story going.

  • sawsaw

    lol pregnancy now, whatever next

  • Whateva


  • blackbutterfly

    STOP IT! Hasn’t this gone far enough? Everbody needs to get out of these people biz! how many years have women been getting their a$& whipped? if this was any woman other women would it go this far? no body will ever know the truth about what went down in that car but those two. What did he look like, i’m sure she got hers in as well. No matter what anybody say that girl love Chris’ nasty draws and if she want to be with him she is going to point blank that’s it, that’s all. so for all y’all with your mouth open close it cause if it was you what would you do? i would never tell another woman to leave her man cause i would not leave mine. they will be ok let them work it out!

  • MrsLaadee

    WTF is Whitney talking about? The last I remember her and Bobby’s problems were from their drug use, not domestic abuse.

  • 2dimplzs

    Why would it be such a bad thing for Whitney to give advice to Rihanna Bossip? Considering all that she’s been through she’s exactly the person who should give advice because she’s been there. Whitney stuck it out with Bobby and what did that get her? Call Whitney what you want but she has experience that could benefit many young and older women like Rihanna who are or were in abusive relationships. Stop downing Whitney! She’s human just like the rest of us and she has pulled herself up by her bootstraps. Celebrate that instead of calling her crazy!

    And stop referencing Star and the Enquirer! Are they paying you to do that Bossip???? UGH!

  • Ro Ro

    I hope she is preggers!!

    Take back your man and stop listening to other people. She is receiving advice from people who don’t know the whole story.

    This ish is tragic!!

  • 2dimplzs


    I think Whitney knows better than anyone else on this message board what went on behind closed doors with her and Bobby. You’re right, all YOU and the rest of us know about is the drugs because that’s what the media highlighed every chance they got, but I’m sure there were many other things that happened in their marriage too that led to the marriage ending, including physical abuse.

  • Pop & Lock

    how would anyone know that whitney talked to Rihanna? How? but regardless, who the hell cares. She’s still running behind young d*ck. Ray J don’t want her broke down ass and if that TV show is not abusive what is? She still have douchbag tendencies. Please.

  • Whateva

    I hate when females tell u to leave your man and they man is just as bad or worse but they are staying with them

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