Random Ridiculousness: Man Popped For Breaking Into His Old Apartment To Have Sex

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Man Breaks Into Old Apartment To Have Sex

A Liverpool man who was busted getting it on inside his old apartment after breaking in to have sex with a woman he’d met earlier that evening has been fined for his freaky tryst.

via CNews

A Liverpool man has been fined after he let himself into his old apartment for a wild night of passion with a female friend.

The two became hot and heavy while out for the night and needed a place to have sex, defense lawyer Dan Lupton told a British judge Thursday, the Liverpool Echo reported.

“The closest place for them to seek refuge, in an effort to avoid offending public decency, was his former flat,” Lupton said.

The apartment was empty at the time, waiting for the next renter.

During their time in the apartment, however, the couple broke the bed and caused damage to a curtain rail and window sill. The damage wasn’t intentional, but happened in the course of “sexual antics,” Lupton said.

Adam Disney, 28, pleaded guilty and was fined the equivalent of $615.

Love don’t cost a thing….but breaking in to bust it open apparently will get you fined.


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