Racist Or Nah? Rich White Residents In Baton Rouge Propose To Secede From Poor Predominantly Black Area Of The City

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White Baton Rouge Residents Propose Secession From Poor Predominantly Black Area

A proposal submitted to the Baton Rouge city officials that would reportedly create a wealthy, predominantly white area of the city has many questioning the motive behind the proposed secession.

via NOLA News

reporter Diana Samuels wrote that the results of a recently released report commissioned by the Baton Rouge Area Chamber and Baton Rouge Area Foundation show that the racial demographics of the proposed city of St. George would be vastly different from Baton Rouge’s current racial makeup.

According to the study, the City of St. George would be 70 percent white and 23 percent African-American. Currently, Baton Rouge is about 40 percent white and 55 percent African-American.

Critics of the efforts to incorporate the southern portion of East Baton Rouge Parish say the St. George movement is just another instance of white flight.

However, supporters say the incorporation movement is a type of group flight, but it’s not white flight.

At the Baton Rouge Press Club meeting last week, Sen. Bodi White said, “Some people say it’s just white flight. It’s not true. It’s middle-class and upper-middle-class flight is what it is.”

Do you think “upper-class” residents should be free to separate themselves from low-income residents of the same city?


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