Really Disrespectful: Jamar (Brand Nubian) & Star Talk Horribly About Kanye West And Ludacris “House N***a… Kill Yourself” [Video]

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These guys are stuck in the mid 90’s!

A comment from the youtube video:

I personally thought Vlad couldn’t get any worse when he interviewed Lord Jamar about the whole Macklemore bullsh*t.
Please. Jamar, Star, both of you kill yourselves.
Who made them the kings of hip-hop?
Why does Kanye have to impress either of you?”Who the f*ck is Kanye West”
My n*gga who the f*ck are YOU? Yous made noise off of ONE song. Yeah your 20 years deep in rap, but at the same time you’re ONE HIT IN.
Kanye is 7 ALBUMS in. COUNTLESS hits in.

As for his clothing:
A motherf*cker wanna put confederate flags on shirts, sh*t, let em. Let n*ggas buy it, it does not effect you in ANY way shape or form. You dont wanna wear it then don’t! That simple. Your mind is still stuck on XXXL White tees obviously.

You didn’t like Yeezus? Cool. Who gives a f*ck. Your opinion means NOTHING this day and age. Literally the only reason people know your name is because of ONE song and now these Vlad interviews. I honestly feel like Mims’ opinion has more value than these 2 d*ckheads.

SMH @ Mims opinion having more value than these 2 dckheads.

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