Birdman’s 18 Year-Old Wife????

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Here is Brittany Williams, Baby’s rumored wife, and some mugshots of the Cash Money crew who were arrested yesterday for ridin’ dirty in Tennessee. .


SMH. Hit up TMZ to see all of them.




  • kdogg

    She looks like a bootleg 80’s Cabbage Patch Doll.


  • RocCity

    He gave the girl Herpes already???!!

  • leave it be

    um…im all for “taking one for the team”….but why does it look this pic was “take two” for her? why is she all happy? let me get pulled over with a car full of suspect looking fools…and im fred sanford all day{cluthches heart} i’m coming elizabeth!!! its the big one!!!!

  • Just_Wanna_Know

    Why is he married to a 18 year old? For him to take their relationship to the level of marriage, he was probably sleeping with her before she was legal. SMH


    I know its a mug shot but she still aint that cute at all

  • Kim


  • Bahama Mama


    u wrong!!! lmao, but really u think Baby could pull a dyme? HELL NAW!!! LMAO


    @ RocCity

    LMAO You cold for that one LOL

  • Bankable P

    Sounds like a control issue to me….SMDH!! If you are 38 there is nothing that you can get from an 18 year old other than p*ssy and feeling like you have power/control over someone.

  • catfish

    What is the LEGAL age of consent in New Orleans? Stop making assumptions about the black man!


    @Bahama Mama

    Just kickin science. Did you see what Roc City said LOL

  • TeeDee

    Looks like Baby loves the babies.

  • Anonymous3

    what is that above her lip? the only good thing I can say is that she looks real regular…I expected to see him with some wanna be hoodrat model….on that note, he should be ashamed of himself…an 18 year old!!! I can understand dating a little young…but Dang……maybe you can fool em at that age (18) into believing that you are greater than you are…

  • Ms. Lovely

    Why is she smiling?

    They had a POUND OF WEED on the bus.

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