Top 10 Chocolate Cakes And Twerkers Of 2013!: Eudoxie, Deelishis, Beyonce, Tahiry, And More [Video]

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top ten cakes From Deelishis to Eudoxie all the way over to Tamar Braxton, Paula Patton, and Beyonce shaking their cakes... turn the pages and enjoy! deelishis #10: Luda's girl Eudoxie burst onto the scenes in 2013... packing a mean cake game to match. #9: Tamar Braxton and the girls of The Real all twerked it out this year... making SURE they get picked up for a second season. #8: Sure Blac Chyna's cakes are probably fake... but you didn't care this year. #7: Paula Patton rubbed her married cakes all over Arsenio's loins this year. #6: Deelishis... only reason we still mentioning this bird is because of her twerk vids this year. #5: Draya twerking... has now become one of the greatest moments in hip hop vixen history. #4: Amber Rose twerking in her Wedding dress this year... was really telling. LOL #3: Nicki Minaj has become one of the major faces of twerking in 2013. #2: Is Beyonce... although she has sort evolved to where hers is just "a dance" now and not really related to the ratchedness of twerking. #1: Rihanna... every time she twerks... people watch! Honorable mention: Tahiry (Even Though She Doesn't Twerk, Her Cakes Have Made And Impact This Year) youtube
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