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Keyshia Cole 106 & Park

Keyshia Cole made an appearance on 106 & Park yesterday wearing a vest that we’re very sure that PETA ride or die advocates would love to pour some red paint on.

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  • Erika


  • beautiful

    i love her style i think that she manages to recreate herself over and over. i love what she had on infact i copied her look today already… she is a trend setter she is offical

  • Ms. Quita

    No, it looks to be a little itchy, but hey…WHATEVER FLOATS YOUR BOAT! It does however match her hair. Question about the boots….I saw some of these in a store and I was trying to figure out would the fact that the heel is in the middle of your foot cause discomfort….what do you think??

  • shaheem carter

    hottest myspace page!

    go now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • missj

    You know she has bank because jackets made by Wilma Flintstone are really exspensive.

  • Bahama Mama

    What in the ICE AGE HELL???

  • Ms. Lovely

    YES. It got her press, so it works.

    Go Keyshia.

  • Marv

    rmao why is she trying too hard. its kinda cute im bot im not too sure about the look.

  • ashleeeee

    pshhh she got $$

    she could do waht she wantttt !!

  • samira

    I love Keisha, but I am NOT feeling most of the outfits she wears. IMO a new stylist can fix all that. Besides fur is never cool in my book (NO, I am not down w/PeTA)

  • 1st Timer

    I am not feelin’ the boots at all. The shape and color of the heel are hideous.

    Ms. Quita, I have a pair of Tommy Hilfiger wedges where the heel is kind of in the middle of the shoe and its very awkward walking in them. They look cute but I hate walking in them.

  • M. DOT

    I think it looks nice…in a Koala Bear sorta way…

  • Bird

    Hey, we all know Keyshia doesn’t have any style. The only time she isn’t totally f*cked up in the style department is when she has on a white wife beater and white jeans which seems to be her favorite ensemble. The chile can’t dress. No biggie. I like that she is doing her.


    She looked fly and she performed her butt off.

    Not many could have pulled this off but Keyshia could and she did.

  • Lady Architect

    Ummmm I’m not really feeling the top…I guess I’m just not a fur person

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