Tin Foil Hats: 10 Crazy Celebrity Death Conspiracy Theories

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Craziest Death Conspiracy Theories

It seems like every time a celebrity dies, there's a crazy conspiracy theory behind it. These celebrities died but there are still millions who believe there's a crazy story behind it. Are they crazy...or just smarter than all of us?
Kennedys JFK - He's been at the heart of the most conspiracies in US history. Including magical, silver bullets.
paulwalker4 Paul Walker - Yes. Already. People are saying that the big car crash is similar to other cover-ups.
Michael Jackson - File Photos By Kevin Mazur Michael Jackson - Some say he was killed or had a clone or who the hell knows what.
tupac Tupac - Everyone from Suge Knight to LAPD have been targeted for their roles in his murder...thoughts?
lilkimandbiggie Biggie - Same goes for him. Why haven't we found the killers yet?
"Elvis Presley Mahalia Jackson Barbara McNair Change Of Habit Set" Elvis - Did you know there's a rumor that he's an extra in the Home Alone movie? Seriously.
princess di Princess Di - Another fiery car crash. You do the math.
odb-grammy-431x300 ODB - There's speculation people *cough*NYPD*cough* were after him the whole time from went he got out of jail to when he passed.
malcolm_with_gun Malcolm X - From the CIA to the Nation of Islam to the NYPD, everyone is tied to his assassination and we don't have the answers.
bruce lee Bruce Lee - He died of a mysterious heart issue that nobody can figure out. Rumors from him going into hiding or getting assassinated have all spread for the last 30 years.

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