Well Damn! Gucci Mane Denies Killing Gay Booty Warrior Cellmate In Jail For Licking His Ice-Cream Cone Tattoo

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Did Gucci’s cellmate take his cookies??

Gucci Mane Denies Killing Cellmate For Licking His Tattoo

Via Memphis Rap reports:

There are hip hop rumors being shared throughout social media site that rapper Gucci Mane killed a cellmate while in jail for trying to rape him – that rumor is not true.

The news that circulated claimed that Gucci Mane woke up in his cell with his cellmate trying to lick the ice cream cone tattoo off his face while attempting to touch him inappropriately. Come on people! Really?! The rapper was stated to have choked out the other inmate eventually killing him.

Apparently the news seems to have derived from a satire news site called CreamBMP.

Much like the satire website The Onion, some people share links from the satire sites over social media without realizing that the news is satirical.

Gucci Mane himself shared a tweet regarding the spreading hip-hop rumor.


Gucci Mane might be a lot of things but a booty bandit is not one!

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