Laz Alonso On His Love Life, Cuban Pride, Dream Role & More (EXCLUSIVE)

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Laz Alonso Exclusive Lossip Interview

We all know Laz Alonso takes good care of himself – just look at the man. But to what extent? The devilishly handsome actor of Cuban descent recently joined Procter & Gamble‘s “Try It & Love It campaign” and chatted with Lossip over the phone recently about some of his fave products from the company. And, of course, we were chismosos and dug into Alonso’s childhood and love life a bit. Thankfully, the down-to-earth actor (who most recently starred in the now-canceled NBC drama Deception) graciously complied, adding details about his work and what kind of dream role he has his eye on.

Read our full exclusive with the 39-year-old Alonso below:

We want to start off by asking you about your Cuban background. What did you listen to growing up?

“The cleaning music in our house was – we had cleaning music. Cleaning music for us was always boleros. It was always Juan Gabriel, Ana Gabriel, Jose Luis Rodriguez, El Puma – the saddest music you can possible think of for some reason was what got the floors cleaned and the dishes done.”

It was the heart-wrenching music about love lost and all that, right?

“Right! I think it was something about that that made you scrub harder [Laughs]. I’d be doing the laundry and I’d have the Gain out, and the Bounce. I’m throwing out the dryer sheets in there. That was the whole thing for us – when we were cleaning, it was always about the bolero music. Then when it’s over, we’d be cooking and we’d have Celia Cruz or Hector Lavoe playing. But when it came to cleaning, forget about it… you had to be in a somber state.”

What is the greatest lesson your mom has taught you?

“That I can achieve anything I put my mind to. She definitely created the type of person who is unafraid of loss or losing and I am so grateful because when I talk to a lot of my friends and give them advice, whether it be on acting, I hear a lot of her words come out. I realized that had it not been for her, I wouldn’t have this mentality in my head – that anything I put my mind to, I can do and I’m going to be successful at. That’s something that I intend on passing on when I have kids because it’s priceless.”

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