Watch Kanye West Kick Fans Out Of San Antonio & Washington Concerts Then Makes It Rain On You Hoes By Landing TIMES Magazine’s #1 Album Of 2013 [Video]

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A lot of times forward thinkers are roasted in the present and praised in the future.

TIME Magaine:

1. Yeezus, Kanye West

Kanye is the best there is, and he’s still not as good as he thinks he is. Has there ever been another great album this bitter, this entitled, this abrasively unsatisfied — or this self-aware about it? (See its most-quoted joke: “In a French-ass restaurant/Hurry up with my damn croissants.”) Yeezus is brief, spare, nasty, and as charismatic as a cult leader. Its music grinds sourly or lurches like an old rollercoaster; West’s voice drips contempt or hides behind frigid Auto-Tune effects. But Yeezus, has he ever got raw power.

Funny though… Look up the false story about Mandela and Yeezy and watch how many stories pop up. Now, try to look up Kanye West having the #1 Album of 2013 by TIMES Magazine. Good Luck! SMH.



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