High Powers: Celebrities Who Changed Religions

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Celebrities Who Changed Religions

Religion is a complicated thing. These celebrities went through incredible life changes, leading them to change their religions. Take a look.


Muhammad Ali – He joined the Nation of Islam right before winning his first championship.


Mike Tyson – He became a Muslim while in jail.

julia roberts danny moder

Julia Roberts – She converted to Hinduism while filming Eat, Pray, Love.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise – He converted to Scientology which we guess is a religion.


Madonna – She converted from Christianity to Judaism

michael jackson

Michael Jackson – he was rumored to have converted to Islam right before his death


Snoop Dogg – He grew up Baptist but converted to Islam

Broadway's Romeo and Juliet Photocall

Orlando Bloom – He was an Anglican who converted to Buddhism

chappelle is dope

Dave Chappelle – He also converted to Islam during his career


Malcolm X – He of course converted to Islam while in jail


Prince – He became a Jehovah’s Witness in 2001


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