Could You Do It? 10 Celebs Who Still Live With Their Parents

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Top You achieve your dreams, earn more money than you'll ever spend and STILL live with your parents? Seems HIGHLY-unlikely in 2013, but reality for the world-famous yet family-minded celebs on this list. Here are ten celebs who still live with their parents. Take a look.
obamas-mother-in-law Michelle Obama One of the perks of U.S. Presidency is living rent-free in the White House. But rent-free with your 71-year-old mother-in-law Marian (meemaw-in-chief?) down the hall? Seems awkward, but Pres. Obama seems to handle this living arrangement well.
kris-kim-kanye Kim Kardashian Thirsty momager Kris Jenner, Kimmy, North, Kendall, Kylie and sometimes Kanye (when he’s not seeking answers or spazzing in public) in the same house, at the same time? Stressful.
bradley-cooper-lex-luthor Bradley Cooper The 38-year-old thirst-magnet lives with his sweet ’ole widowed mother and brought her as his Oscars date. Ultimate mama’s boy? Yes. How this works? Only he knows.
jennlaw-final_zpsf7b2a8a6 Jennifer Lawrence She’s the Oscar-winning face of young Hollywood who hates the idea of living in a big mansion by herself and would rather live with her parents.
Rafael Nadal Forbes Best Paid Under 30 Rafael Nadal The globally-adored Tennis superstar still lives with his parents and sister in Spain despite an estimated net-worth of $215 million.
starsdance_zps3ec793c7 Selena Gomez The square-faced beauty is only 21 and prefers to live with her parents and struggle twerk in their basement.
Demi-Lovato-Fabulous-Magazine-Photo-Shoot-2 Demi Lovato The 21-year-old Pop starlet/“X Factor” host still lives at home with her parents who helped her through the struggle.
Heidi and Spencer Faking It Spencer & Heidi (or Speidi) Spencer Pratt and his Muppet-faced wife Heidi Montag went from trashy reality royalty to living with Spencer's parents after burning through millions.
JoanAndMelissaJoanKnowsBest Melissa Rivers How she wakes up every morning and looks at her 900-year-old Lil Kim-faced mother (Joan Rivers) without packing her isht and leaving we may never know.
22524790 Taylor Lautner Like Jennifer Lawrence, the hunky actor and his forehead would rather stay with his parents than live alone in a big house.

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