Tyrese Divorce Getting Low Down and Dirty

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tyreese  n wifey

Tyrese and his “Wife” are getting a divorce…yeah, we know, we forgot all about his little cute wife as well:

Tyrese Gibson, the R&B singer who appeared in the Transformers movie, is being hauled back into court by his estranged wife, a woman he never would talk about. Her name is Norma Mitchell, and on January 29th in Los Angeles, she filed court papers that put a new wrinkle in their on-going divorce proceedings. The couple have a young daughter together and Mitchell is seeking modification of their custody arrangment , as well as a change in child & spousal support, as well as attorney fees. According to the court documents, Mitchell claims Gibson was an absentee-father who didn’t support her or their daughter.The couple filed for divorce last October after 10 months of marriage. In past interviews, Gibson was hesitant about talking about his wife. Last August, he was asked by blackvoices.com if he was married. Gibson said yes, but refused to reveal her name saying “I don’t want to say. I live a private lifestyle. I don’t want no paparazzi following me around. I don’t get off on that.” The couple has been ordered back to court March 2nd.

No wonder him and Brandy have been “friends”. Now they can step their game up legitimately.



  • Hannibal

  • Hannibal



    I never knew he was married…I always see him chinn and grinn wit other girls….

  • http://myspace.com870bg bg

    you learn something everyday

  • ROD

    That kills me they were only married for a month but now wants to be set up for the rest of her life. I mean yea he has to help take care of their child but she needs to take care of herself instead of thinking he needs to.

  • Phd

    why she get breast implants that are too big for her frame?

  • Taylor

    Who cares

  • AKeysFan1981

    Wow, I never knew he was married. I would want a divorce to if I am never allowed to be seen at events with him. Tyrese is always skinning and grinning with other women. Who could have known.

  • 2dimplzs

    That’s messed up. I don’t blame him for wanting his privacy and stuff with not revealing who his wife was, but sometimes you wonder if that was because he wasn’t happy with her from the get go (which begs the question of why did you get married in the first place?)or was he really trying to protect her? I say this because I remember seeing him on (dare I say it considering I hate this show) 106&Park talking about his baby girl and yet he refuses to talk about his wife or acknowledge that he was even married. Not to mention the countless parties and events he would always attend ALONE……I don’t know, I just find that to be a bit odd…….

    Anyhoo, I hope they can get through this in an agreeable manner. No one comes out a winner when it gets all nasty. It’s always the kids who suffer in the end.

  • http://dicooper.spaces.live.com/ DICooper

    He is probably going to have to pay through the nose, but he can always get a new one.

  • m

    i’m shocked he married someone black. i have heard he only likes white girls.

  • Oakland

    she haven’t been married long enough to get much. She was out for something f she is givivg up that fast. she knew he would be absent alot with his career. SHE WAS IN IT FOR THE MONEY!!!!!

  • Oakland

    YEAH…. and to get bad implants…one is higher than the other….

  • jb_1030

    Damn she has a mouth like a cadillac grill.


    Another dumb nigga with the trophy wife syndrome has gotten caught in the light skinned long hair trap..I hope she gets everything she’s asking for.

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