No Coloreds Allowed: Black Female Comedians Blast SNL Auditions As A Publicity Stunt To Look Less Racist


SNL ain’t isht!

Black Women Blast SNL Auditions As Publicity Stunt

Via TMZ reports:

Saturday Night Live’s secret audition to find an African-American female was total BS — at least according to one actress who tried out, but thinks it was only thrown together to quiet SNL’s critics … not to find a new cast member.

Comedian Tiffany Haddish tells TMZ the Dec. 2 talent search at The Groundlings Theatre in L.A. felt like it was a dog and pony show, partially because executive producer Lorne Michaels wasn’t there — and he’s known to attend most auditions.

Other sources at the try-out tell us it seemed too conveniently timed — coming on the heels of current cast members Jay Pharoah and Kenan Thompson publicly blasting ‘SNL’ producers for not hiring a Black female.

Jay even named names — claiming ‘SNL’ producers blew off actress Darmirra Brunson after agreeing to give her a shot. Interestingly, Darmirra was at the L.A. audition.

If ‘SNL’ found the right chick … they’re not saying yet — but Tiffany thinks “they already know who they want … they’re just wasting all these black women’s time and gas money.”

Lorne Michaels doesn’t care about black people.

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