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Time Magazine asked Barack Obama some questions yesterday:

How do you deal with the idea that some people might not vote for you because of your race?

“Racism is a function of our society. There are some people who aren’t going to vote for me because I’ve got big ears. Part of my optimism about Americans is that I don’t think they expect me to be deracialized in order to represent them.”

Click here to hit up the entire interview.

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  • X-man


  • Rico LOve

    first lol that 4 in a row

  • Rico LOve

    damn u xman

  • X-man

    lol. . . Word up Rico?

  • Sun Goddess

    Well, Obama, that is a nice compliment of Americans, but we have a long way to go to get where we are not deracialized.

  • http://vanelirocks.blogspot.com Vaneli

    I agree Sun Goddess.

  • Speed Racer

    better hearing this than listenting to Jessie and Sharpton’s 40-year rhetoric.

  • Bahama Mama

    I like Obama, but the fact remains ain’t no way in hell he’s gonna be the next Pres. and it’s sad he might actually do some good in office

  • http://roedaltonjr@comcast.net Roe ski love


  • Bahama Mama

    Hey!!! Roey, long time no see-y!!!

  • me

    finally a topic and person worth discussing!!! my bf and i were just talking about obama.i really hope people can look past his color and hear the man.

  • Jamie

    Who is going to believe that lie Obama? I don’t they hung Blk people for having big ears. This whole race doesn’t matter is bogus.

  • me

    to bahama mama and anyone else who thinks he can’t make it as president: if you support him and think he could rock the office, make sure your voice is heard. don’t be discouraged by what may seem like other’s ignorance. do your thing and encourage/insist others around you do the same.

    it worries me when i hear our people say that just b/c it makes me wonder if they will still vote if the believe his defeat is inevitable. i’m not saying that you are one of these people bm but your statement reminded me of some who think that way.

  • nahnah

    haha, i’m glad he acknowledged his big ass ears, lolol!

  • Shawn08

    Even if Obama loses out to Hillary, don’t you think voting for him will put AMERICA on notice????… I have heard people say they will not vote for Obama because they know he won’t win. Black America, please wake-up!!!…

    Don’t make decisions based off of the media…DO YOUR RESEARCH… Obama is a great candidate…

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