Exclusive: Lauren London and Lil Wayne Engaged

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A highly placed source close to actress Lauren London exclusively tells Bossip Lil Wayne recently slapped a “huge rock” on her finger and the two are engaged. The source tells Bossip “they have been on and off for years and have had an open relationship. Lauren is very hood and likes thugs”.

Lauren London has been linked to Baron Davis, T.I., and Pharrell before deciding to get serious with Weezy.

There you go, Bossip broke the news of the engagement first!!!!


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  • Brown Suga

    What the hell!!! please tell me yall are lying

  • Marx

    She lost!

  • for serious

    lol@ lauren being desribed as “very hood.”

  • Just confused

    SMH wondering WTF he has been slipping in her….. drinks

  • Cynt

    Hope Supersmut doesn’t try to kill herself.

  • tom smith

    that girl needs to be with a respectable cuacasian man like me i thought all you blk mammies liked us white boys now hmph!

  • QuestNY

    yep, this confirms it. Life’s not fair

  • kdogg

    I wonder how she is gonna feel about sharing a bed with Baby.

  • Soul Cry

    I don’t have anything against Wayne…don’t know this is true. BUT, Wayne doesn’t seem to have much luck in the marriage category.

  • Notch

    LOl @ kdogg

  • Sun Goddess

    Is Baby the stripper at Lil Weezy’s bachelor party?

  • Mimimumbi

    WOW…Now i have nothing against Wayne BUT Lauren please dont let this be true. This will not be a good move for her career in Hollywhite BUT i guess love is love if this is true.

    And then again, Wasnt he engaged to Trina and Superhead too a few months back. I wanna by this but i donno…anyway, to each its own!

  • leave it be

    who is she? and why is this exclusive? and why is she being passed around industry nigs like a hookah pipe?

  • kdogg

    I hope she wont be on the bottom of a man sandwich. Baby looks like he is heavy.

  • In denial


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