Drake Covers VIBE Magazine’s “Race Issue” [PHOTOS]

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Drake looking all…menacing? That’s what we get on the latest VIBE magazine which features the “Started From The Bottom” rapper on its “Race Issue” cover. In the cover story, Drake’s second for the mag, besides Kanye West, the memes he inspires and race, the Toronto native also talks “double standards” regarding the flack he gets for making love ballads…





N.W.A captured the minds of Hip-Hop fans with their classic 1988 Straight Outta Compton debut album, and a biopic sharing the same name as the record has been in the works for years. The film takes another important step in coming to life after the studio signed a writer to rewrite the script. The Hollywood Reporter reports that Universal Pictures announced the signing of Jonathan Herman to write a new draft of the script for the film, which will be directed by F. Gary Gray…





Let’s just get right into it, shall we? Relationship adviser Tionna Smalls recently made another appearance on the talk show “Bethenny,” and during a heated battle of the sexes debate on whether men can be monogamous, she dropped this gem:

“Men are going to cheat. If you put it in your mind that a man is not going to cheat you’re fooling yourself — especially a man with money. I’m not saying you have to accept it, but you have to respect it. That’s number one. Number two, you better hope your man is just humping another chick and not falling in love mentally with another chick…”



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