Practice What You Preach: 9 Hypocritical Celebs

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lamarodom Some celebrities do what they want, sometimes even without consequences, but are quick to accuse fellow celebs of the same thing. Here are 9 hypocritical celebs.
nene leakes Nene Leakes Nene Leakes made fun of people wanting to be reality stars, but this is how she became the rich beyotch she is today.
katy-perry-salute-617-409 Katy Perry Katy accused her fellow pop stars of being too nekkid, but this is the same chick who appeared nekkid on a cloud for the cover of her album "Teenage Dream."
shaq-in-2008 (1) Shaq Shaunie said Shaq was previously negotiating for him and his kids to be on reality tv, but went to court to stop Shaunie from doing the same thing.
prettypinkmugshot-3543858096050149484 Lindsay Lohan In 2012, Lindsay Blohan complained that she didn't know why Amanda "DUI" Bynes hadn't been locked up yet. Really? After all the chances this girl has had---if she was black would things be different?
tami_roman_reunion_show1-e1323954031795 Tami Roman Tami claimed she was a victim of cyber-bullying. This is the same woman who bullied Keisha to tears. B***h, b***h and more b***h.
real-housewives-of-atlanta-season-5-she-is-diva Kenya Moore Kenya slammed Porsha for hinting Kordell was a downlow brother, but told everyone that could hear that Walter was gay.
mike tyson Mike Tyson Mike told Chris Breezy in a radio interview that he needed to get it together. This is the same guy who bit off someone's ear and was accused of forced sex.
lamarodom Lamar Odom Lamar told a young kid to not do drugs. Maybe Lamar should have taken his own advice and he wouldn't be going through a divorce now.

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