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Barack Obama packed the Apollo Theater in Harlem last night and here are a few quotes from his speech:

“Telling the American people what we think they want to hear instead of what they need to hear just won’t do” in this election, Obama said at the historic theater, just down the street from Bill Clinton’s office.

“I’m not running because I’m trying to fulfill some long-held plans. I’m not running because I somehow think this is owed to me. I never expected to be here. Avoiding answering tough questions because we’re worried they might not be popular just won’t do. Poll-testing positions because we’re worried about what Mitt [Romney] or Rudy [Giuliani] might say about this just won’t do.”

While Obama never mentioned Clinton by name, comic Chris Rock – who introduced the senator – scored laughs by saying people in the crowd who backed Clinton would be “real embarrassed” if she lost.

“You’d say, ‘I [backed] that white lady! What was I thinking?’ “

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  • I Stay SMH

    Cornel West has got to know that that look is not hot…


  • blu majic


  • chawklit girl

    Barack Obama… Yes…Who said the Clinton’s were for Black folks…You can visit our churches, have an office in Harlem and kiss all the black babies you want Hilary DOESN’T SPEAK FOR THIS BLACK WOMAN…

  • I Stay SMH

    not that he is focusing on being “hot”. but he makes me giggle.

  • Nita

    he’s gonna be assassinated. Obama’s for real.

  • catfish

    I wonder what caused Cornel to change his opinion? Mmmmm….

  • Nita

    @ Stay SMH,

    did you see that black and white picture of him at Harvard, from the 70s, that’s been passed around? when he was rocking that fyre ‘fro? That needs to come back. Homie looked goooooooood back in the day. Obama has presence. and Michelle is all that.

  • Nita

    @ catfish

    what? what happened with Cornell before? do tell, man.

  • Bahama Mama


    u don’t go for that nerdy bill collecter, I haven’t had a haircut in decades look??

  • ThugPassion

    Love OBAMA! History in the making people! Reminds me of how my mother taught us to go to school, make something of yourself and you can be anything you want!!!! CHANGE you can believe in!

  • John

    Cornel West is an Intelectual wizzard which would make him seem odd to most people. Obama is the man and I wish him the best

  • AND...

    Seriously y’all we have got to do better. There is a black genocide going on in this country and we have got to stop it before it’s too late.

  • scorpio

    did anybody see barack doing the two step on ellen. it was so cute. he’s got my vote! (no, not just because of his dancing).

  • Bird

    Damn, was this televised? I didn’t even know he was going to be there. I want to see it.

  • Fit-n-Fab

    If you are voting for Barack, why?

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