Stay Woke: 10 Lessons You Should Have Learned In 2013

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collage2 2013 was a stressful year filled with infectious ignance, cosmetic sorcery and struggle twerks that should've taught you several valuable lessons to take into 2014. Here are ten lessons you should've learned in 2013. Take a look.
It only takes 6 seconds to be famous.
collage2Voodoo, witchcraft & every type of sorcery are very REAL and only getting stronger. STAY WOKE.
bbi0jv0igaaqg_2 Michelle Obama ain't a killer but don't push her... galleryTrillest First Lady ever? No question.
ef9c1dac5efde3bc865ebe2ad40ac827 Jay Z is several struggle bars past his retire-by date.
collage "Post-racial America" is the greatest DREAM ever sold in American history. Racism is stronger than ever.
teriostar If a story is too ridiculous or unbelievable to be true, it's fake.
kmichelle Struggle artists like K-Mart Michelle NEED us for publicity. We don't need them.
Always do the education before searching for answers.
Beyonce-miss-third-ward Modern artists NEED multi-million dollar marketing campaigns and promo to sell records. Queen Beysus doesn't.
blacktwitterbird "Black Twitter" is the most powerful investigative unit in the world. Don't believe us? Check the now infamous @BlameTheBlasian case. theft Then... catfished BcIA_irCEAAyEUY And, finally, this... BcIISWJCIAA4aHC No, Twitter celebrity @BlameTheBlasian isn't a world-class chef/relationship specialist/life coach. Yes, she's a filthy catfishy con artist with an extensive criminal record. Another case solved by Black Twitter.

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