When Geriatrics Attack: 76-Year-Old Florida Man Breaks Wife’s Hip After She Discovers His Online Dating Profile

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Grandpa just wanted some computer love

Florida Man Breaks Wife’s Hip After She Discovers His Dating Profile

Via NBC Miami reports:

An elderly man was arrested on battery charges after he pushed his wife to the ground during a fight over his recent dating site activity.

Edward Aronson, 76, was charged with aggravated battery for the fight that left his 77-year-old wife with a broken hip, according to the Sun Sentinel.

The argument began when his wife caught him looking at a dating website at their Lake Worth home Saturday, reported the newspaper. She was so upset, she slapped him across the face, so he shoved her to the floor.

A nurse at the hospital later heard Aronson tell someone over the phone: “She accused me of cheating and was yelling at me, so I pushed her,” reported the Sentinel.

The nurse called deputies and Aronson was arrested, but later released on $5,000 bond, according to the Sentinel.

Grandpha got caught checking out young tenders online and protected himself against granny’s geriatric rage. Can you blame him?


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