SMH: Coolio Stage Dives Into Small Crowd & Gets Robbed

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Coolio, who is no longer an agile youth at 45, attempted a stage dive that didn’t turn out as planned. The crowd in England tore all his gear off of him as he flattened a poor woman:

Rapper Coolio was injured during a gig in Stoke-on-Trent, England, after a stage dive into the audience went wrong. The hip-hop star was performing at Staffordshire University’s Students‘ Union on Wednesday night, when he decided to leap into the crowd. But the audience parted, sending the star crashing to the floor. The students them reportedly mobbed the rapper, stealing his bandana, jewelry and shoes before the star was rescued by the venue’s security team. Barman James Fielden, who witness the event, says, “(Coolio) nearly flattened one poor girl. Then all the students decided to launch on him. They grabbed whatever they could, including his trainers, watch, chains and glasses. He was pulled back on stage by the bouncers. They got his shoes back for him.”

Coolio is getting them stacks overseas, and for that we are not mad at him. He needs to stay in his lane, though. LOL



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