Audio Terrorism: 10 WORST Songs of 2013

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kanye-kendrick-tour1 2013 was another incredible year in music filled with breakthrough artists, undeniable albums and the warmest of audio dumpster juice that you couldn't seem to escape. Here are the absolute WORST songs of 2013. Take a look.
LL-Cool-J-Brad-Paisley-Accidental-Racist-MP3-Listen Brad Paisley Feat. LL Cool J “Accidental Racist” That awkward moment when LL A) starts a verse with "Dear Mr. White Man" B) compares himself to a fictional superslave (Django) and C) offers to forgive "Mr. White Man" for slavery IF he forgives his gold chains. Worst song of the 21st century? It's possible.
tumblr_mr86vntbhS1qictjlo1_500 Katy Perry “Roar” You couldn't escape this painfully-generic "empowerment anthem" that sounded like how cold McDonald's fries taste.
yeezus Kanye West “I Am A God” This sounds like your Grandma's dial-up internet connecting + Kanye vocals. 100% noise.
k-michelle-rebellious-soul-thelavalizard K-Mart Michelle “Pay My Bills” 2013's official bird anthem solidified K-Mart's spot as the Queen of Section 8 Soul.
justin_timberlake_20_20_experience_part_2-500x500 Justin Timberlake “True Blood” Everyone pretends that "20/20 Experience, Pt. 2" never happened except Justin Timberlake. SMH. Robin Thicke Feat. Kendrick Lamar & 2 Chainz “Give It 2 U” 12-year-old Forever 21 shoppers who paint each nail a different color love this God-awful song. Just them and no one else.
J.Cole-Crooked-Smile J. Cole Feat. TLC “Crooked Smile” Listening to Cole rap is slightly more interesting than watching paint dry which made this super-corny collab unbearable.
600_1373383866_37d0485dee6fb61f62b1f25a30d1407b-600x330 Smedium Sean “10 2 10” The worst song on the worst Hip-Hop album of 2013 ("Hall of Fame"). Rap shouldn't be this stressful.
khaled-pac-biggie DJ Khaled Feat. Rick Ross, Meek Mill, T.I., Diddy & Swizz Beatz “I Feel Like Pac, I Feel Like Biggie” 17 years later and Hip-Hop STILL refuses to let Biggie & Pac rest in peace.
Eminem-Berzerk-video-608x377 Eminem “Berzerk” Em, it's over. White people have Macklemore now.

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