Dirty Dog Diaries: Tori Spelling’s Aint Isht Husband’s Affair May Have Produced Secret Love Child

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Unfortunately, DWade and Tori’s hubby have something in common.

Dean McDermott’s Affair Could Have Resulted In Love Child

Looks like making that freaky flick did nothing to spice up their marriage. Dude is still dropping it low and spreading it wide like it’s going out of style.

According to In Touch Weekly:

Following the accusation that Tori Spelling’s husband, Dean McDermott, had cheated on her with a younger woman comes the bombshell allegation that Dean’s infidelity resulted in a pregnancy.

A source close to Dean’s other woman — 28-year-old Canadian Emily Goodhand — reveals to In Touch that “Dean and Emily had sex several times over the weekend of Dec. 6,” referring to their Toronto hookup. “She isn’t on birth control — and they had sex without a condom.”

Getting another woman pregnant would be difficult to sweep under the rug, but friends say Tori will put on a brave face, no matter what. “She’s going to ignore the situation. She’s pretending like nothing is happening,” her friend tells the mag.

As fate would have it, Dean almost got a vasectomy last year. But Tori revealed in October that he never scheduled surgery because of their ongoing financial troubles. “The rumor around town is that Dean isn’t careful,” Tori’s friend explains to In Touch. “That’s why he wants a vasectomy.”

Once Tori learns more about Dean’s infidelity, friends say the true gravity of his betrayal could destroy the thing she loves most: her family. “Tori’s stronger than she even realizes,” another source close to Tori and Dean tells the mag. “Her main priority right now is to focus on her kids.”

We knew something was up when they announced he could not get a vasectomy because of financial problems. Why would a guy that young want a vasectomy unless he was allergic to condoms?


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