Rumor Control: Will Smith Did NOT Ask NBC To Reunite ‘Fresh Prince Of Bel Air’ In Honor Of James Avery


Sorry folks!

Will Smith Did Not Ask To Reunite Fresh Prince Of Bel Air

Via Vulture reports:

Will Smith reportedly asked for a reunion of the hit show in a Twitter Direct Message. For one, Will Smith doesn’t use Twitter. And if Will Smith wanted to call someone at NBC, he’d likely have their phone number. Props to Twitter account @FreshPrinceWill (that’s “Will” with three Is) for crafting the fake screenshot that has NBC requesting “300,000+ retweets” for a go-ahead on the tribute. It’s so good, we’re almost tempted to call it a beautiful satire on the modern age of entertainment.


However, a reunion would have probably looked like this:


It’s 2014! Nothing on Twitter is real.


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