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Magic and Cookie Johnson hosted The Abbott and Magic Johnson Foundation ‘I Stand With Magic Program: Campaign To End Black AIDS” yesterday the AMC Magic Johnson Theater in Harlem.

It’s to see Magic using his celebrity to benefit the community.


  • AND...

    That’s what I’m talking about. Let’s do something about this crap killing people.

  • Constance

    Dang I wasn’t first! Oh well! Magic is great! Real Inspiration!

  • daria

    Let’s do something about 50% of new cases being in black folk when we’re only 13% of the population. Prevention is far easier than finding a cure. A cure is in the scientists’ court. Prevention is in ours.

    This is not to be rude and it’s definitely off-topic, but what happened with his infection? I studied Bio and never heard of people who’ve been HIV+ for so long being asymptomatic for years and years. Both he and his wife have always appeared to be in much better physical shape that those without the virus. They’ve had it for damn near 20 years now and it just went away? If this is the case, scientists need to test them and see what’s special about their blood.

    I’ve read about prostitutes in HIV hot spots who can’t contract the disease because their blood kills all of it, but never heard of it going away

  • shawn

    i dont if black women still raise daughters like cookie johnson, she`s been through the cheating, hiv/aids and yet she`s still!

    but i`m surprised magic is still alive, not that i want him to die but i`m just surprised 1991-2007????


  • HoochieMama

    My guess is that Magic “Johnson” got HIV from taking a tranny pecker up his bootie hole.

  • nahnah

    How do we explain the 400 Libyan children who were infected with the virus by Libyan nurses and European doctors? Isn’t it fishy that blacks are disproportinoally affected with AIDS?

    Sadly, those so-called non-profit AIDS corporations

    are profiting from AIDS big time.

    Similarily, Russia – the former Soviet Union has a high rate of HIV/AIDS.

  • Baby Please

    I like him, too.

    And he is community minded; and conscious.

  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    Magic is a cool cat… he does a lot in the black community.

  • Oppie Cunningham

    Didn’t he get Aids from a blood transfusion?

    Off the mark here but do they have any kids?

  • en.

    wtf is black aids?…magic should campaign about preventing hiv infections. period….we will be all up in arms if we read about a campaign to end white aids

  • Jus Another Opinion

    Magic is my role model. But this is a funded project that is going to fail. This project is doomed from the beginning. C’mon what are most black women want a baby daddy. There aren’t thinking about condoms are HIV. If so prove me wrong and let’s start seeing the teen pregnancy rate drop. On top of that this post has only has 14 comments: let this be about Beyonce weave or about somebody getting shot this post would have been well over 300+. Don’t get mad at me, the truth is in the pudding.

  • Da Real

    I’m with ya Jus Another Opinion, I’m for my people but we don’t help ourselves and probably never will. Ignorance is Bliss

  • Devil's Advocate

    I applaud Magic and Cookie’s work on this crucial issue. I read the story below today. We must increase our awareness.

    Figures on H.I.V. Rate Expected to Rise


    December 02, 2007

    The United States government’s estimate of annual new H.I.V. infections is likely to rise as much as 50 percent, say patient advocates who are pressing officials to speed the release of the new figures.

    Researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have said new technologies and statistical analyses show that 50,000 to 60,000 people were infected with the virus in 2005, said Walt Senterfitt, an epidemiologist with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health and a former adviser for the centers. The agency has used an estimate of about 40,000 annual infections since 2001.

  • Observatrice

    When he first contracted HIV, he went to Mexico and Germany and he received treatment that he doesn’t talk about. I don’t think he looks that good though, he is puffy in the face and his color doesn’t look good. Over time, HIV medication will do that because it redistributes fat and it damages the liver. Do you know just this week the UN had to restate its HIV infection estimates as in lower them. I am not saying HIV isn’t scary as hell or a problem, but so many illnesses are being classified under HIV and there is a lot that is not being told to us about HIV. Just be careful about nationwide medical efforts. They just removed the mercury from vaccines this year.

  • Nita

    Magic is cool. Cookie is cool. AIDS/HIV+ is not cool.

    @ en., for all the money that’s been raised for AIDS awareness, why are numbers among blacks rising? AIDS is one of the biggest fundraisers in hollywood, it seems, and all the gays are all over it…….and still numbers among blacks (particularly black women) rise. What’s happening with all that money being raised, and awareness?

    Blacks do need to do a little something special, a little something extra, because we’re being affected disproportionately. AIDS/HIV+ is scary. It’s so scary, to me personally, that a story about JayZ and his boy sharing hoes back in the day makes me go like that skit in Hollywood Shuffle, where Robert Townsend went to the free clinic and people were celebrating a dude ‘only’ getting syphilis. All STDs are on the rise among blacks, but some of them can be cured. AIDS/HIV+ can’t.

    I don’t know why so many blacks — male and female — refuse to wrap up. Latex allergies are real (and the physical distress they cause is very real), but NOT everybody has a latex allergy. Herpes can be spread even with a condom on, but there are more things to protect against than just herpes.

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