Dirty Dog Ballers: The Worst Boyfriends And Husbands In The NBA

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Dwyane Wade Shirtless

Worst NBA Boyfriends And Husbands

Athletes and celebrities in general are mostly considered bad for relationships. Wealth, temptation, and who knows what else all play a part and these men falling off the rails. But ladies beware: some athletes are poison.
kobe-vanessa-kids-bryant_original Kobe Bryant - He's been cheating for a long time...mostly with White women. Poor Vanessa.
DWadeGabbyfeat Dwyane Wade - He's definitely earned his dirty dog dalmation stripes.
Shaq-ONeal Shaq - He always dirty dogged around and even had to deal with stalking charges.
lamarodom Lamar Odom - Drugs and dirty dogging don't a good man make.
Matt & Gloria Barnes Matt Barnes - We know enough from the reality shows to not take him seriously.
allen-iverson-and-tawanna-e1332851441862 Allen Iverson - He's put his baby momma through so much and he just stays broke.
KiddPhoto094640-525x415 Jason Kidd - Just look at his jacked up marriage to know things aren't best when you're with him...plus he's got a slight drinking problem.
eric-williams-and-jennifer Eric Williams - We saw what he does with his women and he's the worst.
dwight-howard Dwight Howard - He accumulated four new baby mommas just in the time it took to write this.

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