Where is Kim Porter? Part 42

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Cassie Diddy

It’s Cassie’s turn. She and her colored contacts came out with Diddy at Mansion Nightclub in Miami. We get it, last time Kim got to hang out with the grown people at his 38th birthday, and now Cassie gets to kick it with the Making the Band kiddies.

We see Cassie’s fu*kin for tracks is working as she has a new album and movie coming out soon.

More images from that event:

Diddy Danity KaneMaking the Band 3 & 4Making the Band 4


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  • Marsha

    cassie looks cute

  • Marsha

    da band & danity kane SMFH

  • Devore

    kim porter is separated from this closet queen, aint she?

    anyhow, the girl cassie is one of the prettiest non singing singers around, but the eye contacts are a bad idea.

  • Nita

    we got to do better.

  • Zana

    The question is “Where Is Kim Porter?”and the answer is somewhere better. Diddy hanging out with this group of characters is strictly work for him. She came out for his a-list bash cuz’ she was and is with him for where it can get her.

  • Zana

    Oh and Cassie is ho-ish looking in that dress with no under wear

  • Jus Another Opinion

    t’s Cassie’s turn. She and her colored contacts came out with Diddy at Mansion Nightclub in Miami. <<< No comment. LMFAO

    I think Cassie looks pretty in the blue dress shirt with the short sleeves.

    I gave it some thought okay, I’ll comment what in the blank is wrong with Kim, she was all big bad momma on JLO but now it seems like she just giving up an letting Diddy do his thing now. Why? We criticize Alicia for having a good head on her shoulders, as we can see Kim is the other option when you don’t have a good head on your shoulders. I think too highly of myself, as you can see, to demean myself like Kim poor thing, what she 35 now, oh well, that is her life (talking under breathe) she let these mofo run her life just like Jennifer Hudson did. SMMFH!

  • Jus Another Opinion

    She is starting to think like most old women. I always considered 35 young but to most women having a man is better than not having one when you are that age. SMH!

  • STL_allday

    ok why nobody helped my girls DWOODS and DAWN out with their hair and clothes, cuz the other girls looks like somebody tried to help them

  • MsTray

    Cassie must be in training to replace Kim. Kim knows Diddy is a Hoe but his money is long….and hers is too thanks to child support. She played her cards even though she humiliated herself in the process.

  • BossLady

    And why start going hard with the “Where’s Kim Porter?” thread AFTER she left Diddy?

    Where is Kim Porter? At home with them damn kids…..where she belongs! (In a good way!)

  • TT

    If Kim knows what is right for her she would be takin care of her and her kids. The hell w/Diddy as far as she is concern as long as he is there for her kids!

  • Doom

    Can’t wait for the new Cassie’s album. I love her voice!!

  • Doom

    i love…snickers > I’m not jokin! Did you even take a listen to her debut album? If she, who yall claim has no talent at all, can make sucha listenable album then I don’t have anything to say to you.

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