Someone For the Obama Girls to Look Up To

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President Barack Obama dances with his wife and First Lady Michelle Obama as Beyonce

Beyonce just couldn’t take it when Michelle Obama told her she was glad lil’ Sasha and Malia had someone like her to look up to:

R&B star Beyonce is thrilled after the wife of President Barack Obama hailed her as the perfect role model for the couple’s two daughters.
The singer was handed the honour of performing at Obama’s inauguration ball in January and admits his wife, Michelle, approached her before the event to thank her for setting such a good example to their two children, Malia, 10, and Sasha, seven.
And Beyonce was delighted to have made such an impact on America’s First family. She says, “She (Michelle Obama) told me that she was very happy that her children had an artist like myself – and I don’t even feel right saying this – she said she was happy they look up to me.”

One day Sasha and Malia are going to realize that their mother is a certified dime; through and through and she’s all the chick they need in their lives to want to emulate.  But, for now, Beyonce will do.

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    Yeah Right!

  • Allison Mae

    Love Bee, but Michelle is the PERFECT role model!

  • betty

    Ladies all like to join _____Millionaire Romances com_____. I really do not know why? Just cuz many wealthy men and celebrities there? or the men there are all handsome?


    She “don’t even feel right saying this…”
    She ate that up. I guess if you want your daughter to be slutting it up then she is a perfect example.

  • Film

    Did Mrs. Obama really say that?

  • Lady Architect

    Geeze Beyonce…trying to ride the coat tails of the Obamas until the wheels fall off?

  • Kelly Matters

    Beyonce, is a SWEET HEART, but seriously…couldn’t they have just have been looking up to Hanna Monatana or something MORE in that vain. Bee’s married—-the list continues…but a roll model, naw y’all NOT for lil girls like Sasha and M.

    First Lady go get Montana….

  • Allison Mae

    Thank you UNVME!!!!! If she did not feel right saying it, then why did she say it???? I love Bee, but sometimes….lol. Still love her though :-)

  • Vinandi

    dayummmm- beyaki is on hell of annoying egotistical chick! why isnt she with Kanye?

  • dubya

    LOL @ Lady Architect!!

    Michelle was just being nice. Those girls are in good hands and that has NOTHING to do with Beyonce.

  • Good For Them

    Isn’t that funny? They Obama kids are looking up to Beyonce while everybody else is looking up to Mr and Mrs Obama. I’m sure they will grow out of that real quick.

  • This I Know

    I love Lady O, but I hope she is kidding about Beyonce being a role model for her kids. Those kids have the best role model in their own mother. She is an Ivy League educated professional who was the first black woman to be a partner in her law firm, not to mention she married Barack, an intelligent role model for black men. What has Beyonce done that even comes near to that?

  • Bunni

    And you know Bossip, that’s o.k. These babies are 7 and 10. They are going to look up to women they see in videos and hear on the radio so that’s normal. It’s going to take time, growth and maturity to look at “mommy” as the COLDEST black woman in the game and one day they will. Every time I see the first family I well up with emotions, knowing that a black woman-a mother, wife, scholar, daughter just like ME and my daughter is OUR First Lady! Can you beat that?

  • Tealeaf

    I expect to see the girls, rolling around on the stage, has naked soon

  • c from stl

    @Good For Them

    Isn’t that funny? They Obama kids are looking up to Beyonce while everybody else is looking up to Mr and Mrs Obama. I’m sure they will grow out of that real quick.


    You took the words right out of my mouth!

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