Deadbeat Dads: Men Accused Of Never Seeing Their Kids

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Ludacris and girlfriend Eudoxie party at Prive

Men Accused Of Never Seeing Their Kids

Deadbeat dads. They suck. Some men like to pride themselves in being good dads no matter what. Just look at D Wade. However, some men don’t care and are okay leaving their kids to deal with life on their own. These are those men. Look at some guys who have been accused of being deadbeat dads.

karl malone

Karl Malone – He didn’t even acknowledge his son’s existence and tried to deny his daughter until she hit the WNBA.

Luda shocked

Ludacris – The mother of his super secret baby claims he hasn’t seen the kid yet…damn shame.

Minnesota Vikings Press Conference

Adrian Peterson – Insensitive people around the country were calling AP a deadbeat dad for the fact he never saw his kid until right before he passed.

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Michael Jordan – He’s got plenty of kids that he’s allegedly abandoned but paid moms to be quiet.


Mathew Knowles – His dirty dog ways caught up to him and ruined everything.


Joe Jackson – He’s had an illegitimate child for years he denied.

GLORY12 New York World Championship

Evander Holyfield – At least one of his baby mothers says he doesn’t even pay child support.


DMX – Same with him…does he even know where all of his kids are?


Chief Keef – He’s had issues with the child he fathered from a middle school aged girl. Yes.


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