Oh Nooo: 10 Female Celebs Suspected Of Balding [Photo Gallery]

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KimK Female celebs may have the fame and wealth but live in a world where their every move is news-worthy. With so much pressure to be "stunning" at ALL times, many of them abuse weaves and eventually suffer from career-threatening traction Alopecia/stress-related hair loss. Here's a photo gallery of female celebs suspected of balding. Take a look.
KimK Kim Kardashian
082012-blogs-celebrities-naomi-campbell-going-bald-weave-hair Naomi Campbell
serena Serena Williams
posh Victoria Beckham
Ferg Fergie
palin Sarah Palin
azealiabanks Azealia Banks
brit Britney Spears
lilo Lindsay Lohan
jessie Jessie J Topsy/Instagram

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