Disturbing Race Matters: Did You Know Black Babies Were Once Used As Alligator Bait In America? [Video]


This is disgusting and heartbreaking all at once…

Video Details How Black Babies Were Used As Alligator Bait

With the emergence of modern-day films over the past year that shed more light on the horrific facts about the slavery era in America, it seems that not much is able to fly under the radar anymore when it comes to the truth about what really went on back then.

But did you know that black babies of slaves were once used as alligator bait during that era as well?

This video, which is by no means “new,” has been making its’ way around the internet lately and explains the whole disgusting practice. If you aren’t familiar, check it out below.

Unfortunately, there a countless number of unimaginably cruel things that were done to African-Americans before slavery was abolished in America, but this is by far one of the most disturbing and horrific accounts we’ve ever heard.

Were you aware that this used to take place?

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