Makin’ It Yolk On Them Hoes: Justin Bieber May Face Felony Charge For $20k Damages After Egging Neighbor’s House

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Ummmm…we’re gonna need “Bieber Bad-Azz” to do better in 2014…

Justin Bieber May Face Felony Charges For Egging Neighbors House

Former teen hearthrob turned Hollyweird bad azz Justin Bieber is not getting the new year off to a good start with the latest accusations against him…..or the possible felony charge that he may face as a result.

via THG

As previously reported, [Justin Bieber] allegedly hurled eggs at the home of his neighbor on Thursday night, eventually getting into a heated confrontation with the man in front of his 13-year old daughter.

Insiders have since said that he Los Angeles Sheriff Department may pursue felony charges against Bieber because they have evidence of his crime this time around and they are sick of him making a mockery of the law.

In order to be charged with a felony in California, one must cause a minimum of $400 in damages. So, according to TMZ sources, how much did Bieber and his egg attack create? $20,000 worth.

The entire front of the neighbor’s house must be re-plastered, while various doors need to be re-stained.

Moreover, Bieber has not issued an apology of any kind nor has anyone from his camp offered to pay the man, making it more and more likely that deputies will fast track their investigation and aim to cause major problems for the artist.

The case will be soon referred to the L.A. County District Attorney, who could then file vandalism charges against the singer.

Biebs sounds like he needs better friends *cough* Lil Twist *cough*. Friends don’t let friends catch felony charges for egging someone’s house.


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