Chris Brown and Counsel Ask For and Receive Postponement

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Chris Brown

It looks like Chris Brown and his legal team need a little more time to strategize on exactly what their plan of action will be:

It is unclear why they wanted to postpone the case — possibly to conduct further investigations or possibly to strike a plea deal. We just don’t know…

Based on our information, it seems Brown wants to avoid a trial at all costs because the picture of Rihanna taken one day after the incident — which has not been seen anywhere publicly — is unbelievable.

During the proceeding, Brown signed a waiver of presence, allowing his lawyer to act on his behalf — meaning he won’t have to show up to any minor court proceedings before April 6th.

Brown, who stood emotionless in court, spoke only four words to the judge — “yes,” “yes,” and “yes ma’am.”

After Brown’s request to continue the case had been granted, the judge warned Brown, “You are not to annoy, harass, molest, threaten or use force or violence against anyone.”

The judge asked Rihanna’s attorney Donald Etra if there was a “no-contact order” in place, to which Etra replied, “Miss Fenty [Rihanna] does not request such an order.”

Etra is famous for repping Snoop Dogg in multiple court cases

This broad-bashing bastard can run, but he can’t hide.  He’s gonna get what he has coming to him…or not.

More pics of C. Brown at his arraignment and a video below.

Chris BrownChris BrownChris Brown

Chris BrownChris Brown

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  • getyourhandouttamypocket

    Oh so nowwww you want to look remorseful….

  • lily

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  • http://bossip mybaad

    SMH>> toppa

  • Ermy Erm

    I just saw this tape on TMZ lol

  • aiil



    i find this annoying fro others but it’s kind of exciting to do yourself

  • Latia

    Chris Brown deserves to be put under the jail for a while so he can marinate. He is obviously disturbed to have clocked out on that girl like that. Now that the details are out, I wonder how many of “us” self-hating black women are going to continue to ride with this fool? I mean, he’s cute, but I have to explain this shyt to my 10 year old daughter, who is a huge fan, so that she doesn’t grow up thinking this is ok. That lil bastard needs some help… I hope Rhianna at least F*CKS him up the next time, because there will be a next time…

  • Luv-Lee

    Good morning erbody!!!

  • Chele

    Who me!

  • Hungee

    Still can’t postpone the inevitable; he is what he is.

  • Luv-Lee

    Nice suite!!! Well I dont really have nuthin to say about this except GOD IS IN CONTROL!!!

  • $$ talks

    Jail really doesn’t rehabilitate people. He’s young and he can learn from his mistakes. He should get counseling.

  • I'm a Diva

    I hope he gets what he deserves..And I pray Rihanna get the strength to get away from this boy..

  • mybaad

    yeah well i hope the judge has enuff experience with this to see he’s young and dumb and needs HELP.

    UNDER THE JAIL???!!! grow up..

    ANGER MGMT??!!! absolutely!!!
    COMM SERV???!!!! absolutely!!!
    PROBATION??!!!! absolutely!!!

  • Re is going to see Watchmen today!

    I’d be surprised if he was convicted and sentenced. I mean, if R. Kelly got off…

  • Resurrected

    I say keep your head up Chris everyone has to go through so kind of stroms to get to the peaceful waters. All that I can is that I hope he has learned his lesson becasue people will never let him leave this down and now he is going to have to come out a creat a even better image for himself. I hope Rhainna take the person time that is needed to come back more secure and refresh for her career as well…

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