People Ain’t Isht: Man Kept Filipina Woman As Virtual Slave, Paying Her Only $400 A Month!!!

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This isht cray-cray.

Man Kept Filipina Woman As Slave

The poor woman might as well worked in one of those third-world sweatshops.

According to Seattle Post-Intelligencer:

A Seattle man accused of underpaying and hiding a live-in maid was sentenced Wednesday to probation.

Having pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor, longtime Magnolia resident Romulo “Ome” Almeda Sr. will spend four years under court supervision for illegally employing the Filipina woman.

Almeda, 73, shorted the woman $90,500 in pay over the four years she spent working as a live-in maid, landscaper and nanny for his family. He has already paid those back wages, and did not face jail time due to a plea agreement.

Federal agents began investigating Almeda after the woman broke away with the help of a local pastor. According to court papers, the woman worked long hours for a few hundred dollars a month while living in near-complete seclusion.

The woman was paid $400 a month, far less than the minimum wage she was due. She sent all but $50 to $100 a month home to support relatives in the Philippines.

Partly because she no longer held a valid visa, the woman was kept from leaving the family homes she lived in. According to prosecutors, she wasn’t allowed to attend church due to fears she would be spotted and deported.

She “did not do anything on her own; not shopping, the movies, having meals with friends,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Ye-Ting Woo said in court papers. “She did nothing but work for the family.”



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