Eff A Thug: Fancy Negro Meek Mill Hires An Etiquette Teacher To Ensure That He Uses The Right Fork!

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Meek Mill

Never too late to become civilized

Meek Mill Hires Famous Etiquette Coach To Teach Him Manners

According to TMZ reports:

Meek Mill wants to advance his knowledge of please-and-thank-yous and fancy forks — the rapper wants even MORE lessons in manners… after completing his court-ordered etiquette classes.

Mill was ordered to take the etiquette classes last year after violating his probation in his 2008 gun possession case. The judge said Mill needed to refine his use of social media and learn to behave.

According to Meek’s lawyer, the rapper passed the courses with flying colors — including classes about dressing for success and proper social media communication — but enough wasn’t enough.

We’re told Meek has now hired Gail (from the Madison School of Etiquette and Protocol) and she tells us, Meek wants her to to school him on fine dining skills, particularly of the international variety … because he travels so much.

Maybe some of Meek’s new manners will rub off on his homie, Wale. Lord knows he could use some behavior modification.

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