Chit-Chatter: Karrueche Talks Meeting Momma Breezy And Her Freaky Hotel Date With Chris [Video]

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Karrueche opens up about meeting Chris’s mom, having a baby Breezy, the Aaliyah coloring book incident and a whole lot more…

Karrueche Tran Talks Meeting Chris Brown’s Mom And Their Cutest Date

Karrueche Tran hasn’t exactly been hiding out while her boo-thang Chris Breezy lays low in rehab and among other things, she’s also been making a few media rounds.

The folks over at Montreality recently caught up with Breezy’s little lady and she gave them the goods on meeting his mother Joyce, the most memorable thing she’s done for him on a date, having kids in the near future and more.

Check out a few excerpts from her interview below:

On meeting Momma Breezy for the first time:
“It went well, I guess? I don’t know [laughs]! His mom was very sweet, I met her a long time ago. She’s a very nice lady.

On the cutest thing Chris has done for her on a date:
“The cutest, I would have to say is….well, he’s bought me a lot of things. A lot of valuable things. But um, one time he had set up a little special dinner for us and I like to do things like that that are a little bit more intimate and personal and stuff that like, necessarily money can’t buy.”

On whether or not she’s ready for babies:
“Yes. Realistically? Maybe in a few years….definitely before I’m 30. I wanna have kids before I’m 30 ’cause that’s kinda like…..hittin’ it [laughs]. Getting too old.”

Kae is 25 now so, sounds like Breezy better be baby-ready sometime within the next few years if they end up staying together!

Karrueche also opened up about the first time her mom met Chris, the freaky-deeky hotel date night that she set up for him, backlash from the “Aaliyah coloring book” tweet and more.

Check out the full interview video below:


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