A Little Family Swirl Never Hurt No Body

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brad-and-zahara Jolie-Pitt

Little Zahara was seen leaving the Tugooh Toy Store in D.C. yesterday. She looks the Hollywood part, the cute little ragamuffin, and the rest of the family fits right in with little Zahara Jolie-Pitt.

Pop the hood to see her sister and more of the politically correct family…


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  • http://bossip.com missbeyherself


    SHE’S CUTE!!!

  • Balls Deep

    her sixhead is huge!

  • Miss T

    Both her and Shiloh look so cute!

  • O no Its Misty Babyyy

    I personally do not think Shiloh is pretty and there twinz have big azz heads….She is kinda cute. Pax and Maddox are cute…Y do i know all of their names…i need a drink

  • BE

    That is a cute picture. I would not call her a ragamuffin she has on leggings and a sweater which is appropriate for a toddler.

  • http://myspace.com870bg bg

    Damn I wish they would adopt my grown ass!

  • http://www.gravatar.com Re is excited to see Gambit (X-Men)!

    GO ETHIOPIA! Way to represent…but I see white people aren’t a fan of lotion, chapstick…or vaseline. Baby Zahara looks like ashy Larry…

  • justme

    Look all you ppl in D.C they’re hiring better jump on that

  • im@LoVeR

    she luk cute. ima go a bit off topic but y is it dat when angie got wit brad evry1 turned thy cheek nd got over it but whn rumors flew that AKeys was wit swizz she was called every name in the book.

  • ballrmom

    Cute little girl, Brad is she sh&^%&t!

  • Jonsey

    Brad & Jolie don’t spend their money dressing their kids in expensive, designer clothes that they will outgrow in a week. They spend their money on charities helping poor children get medical help and providing homes for the poor.

  • m

    i just hope that realize she has different hair needs and find someone black who can keep her hair looking good.

  • Emma

    Her hair looks alot better. I hope they keep up the good work.

  • http://greenlnd123@yahoo.com hater of z


  • http://mockrockstar.ning.com Mock Rock Star

    They all look wonderful…I don’t think I could ever dislike Angie or Brad!!! It’s been love from first sight since I laid eyes upon them…
    So, I see this store is hiring, eh??? LOL

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