Jim Jones Speaks Out on AIDS

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Jim Jones made an appearance on 106 & Park to speak about AIDS and HIV and how it has affected his family. Usually “Emotionless”, Jimmy gets a little teary-eyed on the matter. Kudos to him speaking out and being honest.


  • elle

    Protect yourselves people. :(

  • JerseyBred

    I really felt for him. It seems like there are no men left in his fam.

  • It'sREALLYme


  • Bahama Mama

    I can’t hear what Jimmy is saying but if is really talkin bout something as serious as AIDS I leave the STANKNESS ALONE

  • Strong Black Man

    Negro you need to get tested! looking like “Flip” from Above the Rim!…Smell like him too. ROFLMAO

  • justme

    hmmmm Jim Jones talkin bout aids…. whatever!

  • The Glitz

    Wow that was pretty heavy-He is probably amazing in the bedroom….

    -too bad after something so deep they went to that wack ass trey songz song…

  • Soap & Water

    eh yo Jim! how come you don’t call me no mo?

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    This is a serious topic and definitely a major concern for African Americans, but I’m sorry, I kinda snickered at Soap’s post.



  • It'sREALLYme

    HAHA @ The Glitz… That was kinda out of place. I would have tried to go to a commercial break before I went to that song.


    This is great , thanks to jim jones for spreading some useful information …. Rip his family members.

  • Ms 305

    Seeing this made me respect Jim Jones so much more. He is the first rapper that I have seen openly cry and express himself in public.

  • http://www.abovethespotlight.com cutie pie

    I think its great that he was honest and spoke from personal experience about how the disease affected his family.

    But..I don’t know if I’m feeling the “if you have to do drugs use your own needles” comment. I know he meant well but thats bothering me.

  • Marv

    The fact that he show some sensitivitie he gets my respect.

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