Jennifer Hudson to Play Oprah in Biopic?

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A producer is coming up with his names for an Oprah Movie and Jennifer Hudson is first on his list:

John Dixon is working on a new unauthorized movie project on the Bigger Than Life broadcast mogul, Oprah Winfrey. This will be the first ever attempt to inspire a motion picture dramatization of Oprah Winfrey’s rise to fame from her humble beginnings in rural Mississippi. Dixon says his original movie idea covers the media queen’s trials and tribulations, from her troubled childhood, to becoming an anchorwoman, her relationship with family and friends, her romance with Stedman, her purchase of Harpo Studios, to her many humanitarian contributions. “There is no way that the story of the most influential, successful and powerful woman in television should go untold. Oprah deserves and earned this type of ‘Big Screen’ honor and there should be no delay in making this first of its kind movie a reality. Oprah positively inspires countless women daily on her more than popular, Oprah Winfrey Show.” Dixon states that his story will be part fictional based around factual events. Dixon says his original idea derived from his many encounters of both women and men, who named Oprah as their personal role model and/or hero. Dixon is also the first to suggest that Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson play the lead role of Oprah. “I feel that Hudson will no doubt rein in another Academy nomination for her portrayal of Oprah. I see many similarities in Winfrey and Hudson, not only do they look and act alike as in (The Color Purple and The Secret Life Of Bees) but they also seem to have the same positive vibe.” Dixon believes that his “O-Project” will be a huge hit among millions of people across the globe. “It’s just a simple success story on achieving the American Dream!”

It would be a good look for both of the ladies if you ask us.  Your thoughts??



  • im@LoVeR

    yay im first!

  • im@LoVeR

    umm iono about this jhud is a great actress but to play Oprah? hmmm im not so sure.

  • yo

    thats coo, hope it works out

  • http://myspace.com870bg bg

    That should work out nicely!

  • http://yahoo Bluehights

    I can see that, but it won’t happen


    @ PLEASE!!!!!
    I was thinking that too this does not sound right I got to hear from Oprah she produces her own stuff. She does own herself!!!!


    I fogot to say the key word is an “idea” that all it is????
    It is not happening brother and you talking about mentiong her child hood and her man hell to the naw!!! No one know the truth but her and you won’t be telling her story and making a dime , come up with another “idea”.

  • Jeremy


  • Bill Bigsby

    i like the choice. they look similar and jhud is a good actress.

  • im@LoVeR

    SO……Who gon play Stedman hahaha

  • No Turn on Red

    yall know O aint gonna allow an biography to be filmed withouther authorization

  • Doll Face

    Hey Beyonce!!!!! How you like dem apples!!! I’m proud of J-Hud!!!!

  • Mock Rock Star

    I would go and check it out!!! Hey Dixon, can I play Alicia Keys when she first went on the Oprah show???

  • larry

    nobody cares about these two fat skanks

  • jerjorju

    larry, What makes these women skanks?

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