Director Oliver Stone Quits Adultery-Laden MLK Jr Biopic “He Was NOT A Saint”

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Oliver and MLK

Born sinner?

Oliver Stone Out Of MLK Biopic Citing Creative Differences

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Director Oliver Stone has quit a Martin Luther King biopic following a disagreement with King’s estate over how he should be portrayed.

Stone, who was set to write and direct the project, revealed on Twitter that the film’s producers weren’t happy with his script, which touched on ‘adultery, conflicts within the movement, and King’s spiritual transformation into a higher, more radical being’.

He added that he was worried that the film would be ‘suffocated’ as a result of his departure and the completed movie would gloss over King’s flaws.

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Rev. Dr. Martin Luther “The King” Jr. is an iconic figure not just for black folks, but for America as a whole. That said, it has been documented that he did succumb to certain…transgressions in his abbreviated life.

Do you feel that Oliver Stone has a right/obligation to present those side of King’s life as well?

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