Delusional Birds: Kenya Moore Wants Mystery Millionaire African Oil Tycoon To Be Her Baby Daddy!

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Kenya is ready to get knocked up by her invisible boo!

Kenya Moore Wants To Have Baby With Afrian Boyfriend

Via S2S Magazine reports:

Though she’s reportedly in a healthy romantic relationship, Kenya Moore isn’t sure she wants her beau to be the father of her child.

“I fear a lot of things by having a child with my African friend. He lives I don’t even know how many miles away. Do I want to have a child knowing that my life will change not only where my children would live, but where I would live,” said Kenya who is planning to undergo in vitro fertilization this year.

“I’m definitely going to have a child,” she tells her family members.

Some sources have reported that Kenya is considering Miss Lawrence as a donor, but regardless of who the father will be, Kenya said she’s ready to be a mom.

“I know that I want a child and I know that I will be willing to make sacrifices,” said Kenya who is estranged from her mother. “I’m so tired of not having my own family. Having a child of my own will in some way repair that void.”

First, Walter was her fraudy boyfriend and now this? We don’t know if Kenya is sane enough to have a family of her own just yet! Do you think Kenya should be having kids??


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