Bey Saved Her “Kitty Kat” For Camel?

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Beyonce & Jay

Bey recently revealed to the Los Angeles Confidential magazine that she has never had a break-up, because Jay-Z was her first relationship. Is she saying that no other person has captured those bejeweled Dereon panties?:

“Well, fortunately I haven’t had any break-ups! This [her marriage to Jay Z] is my first relationship,” stated Bey when asked whose songs help her get through heartache the way her songs do for her fans.”

Hmmm. We know a few people off the top of our heads who have claimed to chop Bey down. A look under the hood, shall we?

Beyonce has reportedly dated Kobe Bryant in 1998 (Bey would have been around 17 yrs old), Nas, Shemar Moore, and Marques Houston in 2000 and even Eminem in 2001. Right around the time that she met Jay Z, she and Pharrell Williams were rumored to have been dating in 2002. Word is, Pharell had a thing for anorexic chicks, thus Bey’s backs we’re a bit too much for him. She was also romantically linked to Mos Def during the taping of the MTV film Carmen: A Hip Hopera.

False or false: Bey was a virgin when she married Jay Z?

Peep some pics of Beyonce, on the set of her new video in the Tribeca neighborhood in NY, plus two new mag covers below.



beyonce-and-solange-japanese magazinebeyonce-los-angeles-confidential covers

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  • iluvprada


  • kahmmillion

    Why her hips do so deformed? Yuck!!

  • kahmmillion

    She be trying to damn hard for my taste with her lying ass!

  • http://bossip C_Dub

    That’s my baby…I love you Bey…TOP 10

  • Colonel Stinkmeaner

    DAMN NIYUCCA?!?!?! What the hell is with the hips!!!!

  • Colonel Stinkmeaner

    ………and when I seen the headline……..I thought they meant Rick Ross………..

  • Re "witnessed" a birth on Sunday and is traumatized. Oh, and Watchmen was BEYOND fantastic!

    @Colonel Stinkmeaner

    Klingon warrior style…

  • charity

    If she eat a cookie she is going to look like Oprah by the hips, let alone have a kid. I see y she waitn so long to conceive. It will be over for her figure!!

  • beyonce is a lyer

    Yep, she’s a huge lyer and I can’t stand lyers!
    Beyonce is a bi+tch. Jigga deserves a normal girl and not a diva and copy cat.
    To all the people who have twitter, write Solange and tell her, that her sister is a lyer! lol

  • AKeysFan1981

    I know that Bey loves her mother, but her fashion sense is awful. That dress is horrible! I think Bey needs a whole new look. Starting with the lace front wig. I’m not hating, I never said she was ugly I just think that she needs something “new”.

  • Jamillah

    Is that Beyonce or her mother?

  • SunnyDay

    I like Beyonce, and I think she is pretty. Not every outfits compliments everybody body type. This is definitely not her best look. Well, maybe she wants to highlight her curves. Just my opinion, I think she needs to diminish the attention away from her hips.

  • Shootingstar

    She looks pregnant in this dress.


    I LOVE BEY!!!!!




  • Colonel Stinkmeaner


    She looks pregnant in this dress.
    ……yeah pregnant in the hips………..

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